What Is Confession of Judgment?

Any document where you “confess judgment” can seem scary. We would like to help you understand what this remedy is. Also called a “Cognovit,” Confession of Judgment is a [...]

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What Is Mitigation of Damages?

Your commercial Lease will specify what happens when a party breaches the contract, often with a requirement that Tenant waive “Landlord’s duty to mitigate damages.” What does [...]

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What Is Escrow?

The word “escrow” surfaces in almost every real estate transaction. What, actually, is an escrow, and why is it important? “Escrow” in the context of a real estate [...]

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What Are Resolutions?

You have successfully negotiated your first commercial bank loan, and it’s the day before closing. The bank’s attorney is on the phone with you about final loan paperwork. “Oh [...]

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