We ARE Different

About twenty years ago, we left “big law” to create what we think is a truly remarkable firm. Our clients told us what they were looking for in their outside counsel. They wanted a partnership. They wanted to work directly with deeply caring and interesting people. They wanted to work with lawyers who loved exceeding client expectations every day. They wanted to work with lawyers who would leave no stone unturned. And finally, they wanted to work with a law firm composed of really, really smart people.

So this is the kind of firm we created.

Our firm is one where the lawyers have a deep-seated passion for practicing law—the right way—and have a huge emotional and intellectual investment in their clients’ success. Our firm is made up of family and friends—attorneys, management, and support staff who are very happy to work together for the collective good of their clients. We like coming to work. We care about each other. We like working hard. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed.

We are told by our clients, which include some of the largest companies in the world, that we really are different from the other law firms they have worked with—and for that we say thank you.

Welcome to Larsson and Scheuritzel P.C. We look forward to working with you.