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We asked some of our attorneys a simple question that underlies what we do every day: “Why Real Estate?” Here are a few of their responses:

Michael Eng

Because real estate gives purpose to my work. Knowing that I have participated in a project that will transform a dilapidated building into a vibrant commercial enterprise for a local community or a brand-new apartment for a young family keeps me driven to deliver the best results I can for our clients. Real estate is one of the few areas of law where an attorney witnesses the tangible results of his or her hard work and can enjoy the real satisfaction of helping a client’s vision for a property come to life. To work diligently from the signing of a contract through closing and the completion of construction to the ribbon-cutting of a new supermarket, retail site, hotel, or apartment complex is truly gratifying.


Melanie E. Breaux

My path to commercial real estate began in the residential real estate world. Before attending law school, my husband and I became resident apartment managers in Los Angeles and soon thereafter began buying, renovating, selling, and leasing properties of our own. This experience with my own real property ignited my passion for assisting others in their real estate deals, modest or ambitious. From the moment I decided to attend law school, my goal was to become a real estate attorney in order to work closely with clients on their own dynamic transactions.


Richard J. Slavin

Knowing what projects are coming next and what the next big trends are drove me to real estate. I love working with our diverse array of clients on major developments in metropolitan areas, understanding the challenges behind notoriously difficult-to-develop sites, and learning about the next great Philadelphia neighborhood—all in a single day. Nothing is more rewarding than to close a deal and see the client achieve positive economic results and receive great media coverage for its project.

Watch for more responses in a few weeks!