We asked some of our attorneys a simple question that underlies what we do every day: “Why Real Estate?” Here are a few more responses:

Corinne Higgins

As a real estate lawyer, I am there to help a client transform the identity of a place based on that client’s vision. It is an amazing feeling when I help a client take a plot of raw land, or a parcel that time has passed by, and transform it into a store where the public can buy a product, green space where people can enjoy a picnic, or a building where people come to work every day. Each piece of land has a story. Each parcel has had different owners, different uses, and different lives. What is most exciting is that the story is ongoing.


Justin Miller

Simply put, real estate fascinates me. I enjoy getting to know different landscapes, I am interested in how we, as a people, express our culture through our landscapes, and it is exciting when someone decides to transform a landscape into something new and productive. Without real estate law—and real estate deals—none of this could happen.